You now have a choice for all your Waste and Environmental needs. At Freedom Waste Solutions, Inc. we are committed to providing our clients with custom waste and recycling programs at the most cost effective pricing possible, based on your individual needs.

Our company is a waste and recycling management firm specializing in waste and recycling services for clients at the national, regional, and local levels. We can substantially reduce your organization's overall disposal costs, while ensuring proper handling of the various waste stream materials.(Trash, glass, plastic, cardboard, batteries, ballasts, tires and more!) We proudly offer a risk-free, no obligation analysis of your current disposal program that will highlight opportunities for savings.

customer service is now, and always will be our number one priority. We guarantee prompt response times for our customer inquiries, and quick resolution for all service issues. We offer State of the Art, custom built database applications and a single point of contact for all your service needs. We also provide reporting custom tailored to your informational needs, and a single easy to read invoice.

We proudly maintain one of the largest hauler and recycling vendor networks in the United States. Leveraging these long-term vendor relationships enables Freedom Waste to service all of your needs more efficiently and cost effectively than any other organization. This allows Freedom Waste to provide your organization with an average 10% savings minimum on your current waste costs without sacrificing service. We can put this technology and buying power to work for you.

We achieve success through integrity, proper planning experience, and execution. Our experts can pinpoint strategic opportunities that enable us to identify cost recovery and recycling alternatives. Let us show you how our services can save your organization time and money.